WorldGame – Test Your Geography Knowledge

WorldGame is a great way to test and hopefully improve your knowledge of world geography.

You will be tested on the locations of either Capital Cities, non-Capital Cities or famous landmarks. When starting each game, you select which of these you want to be tested on.

Each game consists of 10 questions, worth fixed points as follows:

  • 500 points – Cities (non-Capital)
  • 450 points – Landmarks
  • 400 points – Capitals

How to play the game


Once you have selected the game type, the first location will appear on the bottom left of the screen e.g. Helsinki above, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the right.

Pan the map by holding one on the screen as you move it in the desired direction. Zoom in by placing thumb and finger on screen and moving apart (and opposit to zoom in).


When you think you are at the correct location, hold a finger on that location for about one second. Be careful not to move your finger sideways as you do so – otherwide the map will just pan. So after holding your finger at the guessed location, lift your finger off the screen. A red pin will be dropped at your guess location, and a green pin at the correct answer.

Note: instruction are available by tapping the information icon at the top right.


Checking your result


You will score points points if your guess is within 500km of the correct location, maximun points if you are spot on, obviously.


After you make your guess, the map will automatically pan and zoom so that the correct answer is in the centre of the screen. You can then zoom right in to get a more detailed look at the correct location.

When ready to move on, hold you finger briefly anywhere on the map, and release.

Note, if you want a hint (name of placemark or name of country for city), tap the button on the bottom left. This will reveal the hint, but reduce your points for that guess to ½ of the possible maximum.

The score is displayed at the top right of the screen.

During the landmarks test, you can tap the landmark to enlarge it, and again to return to the small size.


At the end of a round, you will see your final score. A table of the top 10 scores is displayed.

At that point, you can start a new game, or there is the option to repeat the last round i.e. get the same 10 locations. This will really help you to learn those locations.